Expert witnesses

Suing Solicitors or other professionals can be a very stressful experience. It can also prove very complex as you will not only have to prove that you have suffered financial loss, but also that an experienced and qualified professional was actually negligent – that they failed in their professional duty and their work was below the standard you could reasonably from such a qualified expert.

Whether or not the service provided by your professional was actually negligent or not is not always obvious. To prove negligence it’s often necessary to instruct an independent expert in the relevant field who can report, and if necessary give evidence in court, on the level of loss you suffered and him whether the professional you are suing was actually negligent. Professional negligence will rest, to a significant extent, on the way a particular profession works – so selecting the right expert witness is critical. You need someone who is not only independent and an expert in that particular field, but who also has plenty of experience in producing court reports in negligence claims and giving evidence in person in court if necessary – so they also need to understand the basic rules of evidence and be familiar with being cross examined.

As professional negligence claim experts, we can recommend or identify the right expert witness for your case  whether it be an accountant, legal expect, surveyor or medical specialist.

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