No Win No Fee Professional Negligence – FAQ

Funding my professional negligence claim

Our solicitors will discuss with you the different funding options to run your claim:

  • Paying privately – if you decide to instruct us to run your claim, our solicitors will make sure that you have  a clear and detailed estimate of your likely costs right from the start to help you budget your claim. We are happy to agree with you a prearranged monthly payment plan to help you manage your legal costs – and we
    can also, if you wish, agree a costs limit for each stage of the investigation into your claim
  • No win no fee schemes (also called conditional fee arrangements)  – i.e. if you lose your case you don’t have to pay any legal costs. If you win your no win no fee professional negligence claim, the losing side pays your legal costs. Our team can discuss with you a Conditional Fee Agreement is the right way of funding your professional negligence claim.
    And what’s more, the specialist professional negligence team here at Bonallack and Bishop (the solicitors who own and run this website) don’t restrict no-win no fee just to private individuals – it’s also available for any business which has lost out due to negligent professional advice.
  • The availability of any legal expenses insurance cover to pay your costs.You may be surprised to find out that you actually do have some form of legal expenses insurance. Research by the Ministry of Justice back in October 2007 discovered that 59% of Britons did in fact have some type of legal expenses insurance. These sort of “before-the-event” (BTE) insurance policies are often sold as part of a home or car insurance package. So check the small print of your insurance policy to see if your insurance could cover the costs of claiming professional negligence compensation.
  • Legal Aid [or Public funding as it was previously known] is now only available for a very limited number of medical negligence claims relating to birth injuries – depending on your own income and the nature of your case.

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