Legal Negligence – Barristers and Solicitors

Legal negligence is sadly far too common – and the consequences of putting your trust in a barrister or solicitor who turns out to be negligent can be high.

Solicitors and barristers both owe their client a duty of care. The standard expected of the legal advice and assistance they offer is high due to their specialist qualifications and the trust their clients put in them. Fortunately the vast majority of solicitors and barristers are not negligent.

However with £22bn spent every year on legal advice in the UK, there are occasions when, sadly, negligent mistakes are made.

Types of Legal Negligence

Common examples of solicitor or barrister negligence include:

  • Failure to observe time limits
  • Badly drafted wills
  • Poor legal advice
  • Wrongly drafted court documents
  • Misappropriation of client money

Legal Negligence – Not the Same As Poor Client Care

These acts of legal professional negligence are quite different from bad service such as not keeping the client informed of developments in a transaction or providing incomplete advice – which would not give rise to a compensation claim for legal negligence.

The good news is that law firms must have professional indemnity insurance of at least £2m – which means there’s always someone to claim against who has money to pay compensation for any legal negligence. This doesn’t apply however if a solicitor or barrister was dishonest or fraudulent.

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If you believe you may have a legal professional negligence claim against your solicitor or barrister, it is crucial that you seek independent legal advice before starting a claim. Our solicitors will be able to confirm if your solicitor or barrister was negligent and can tell you your chances of success.

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