Insurance Broker Negligence

Whilst there are some people and some businesses who arrange their insurance directly with insurance companies, the majority of insurance policies are made with the help of an insurance broker – who should be independent of the insurance company. Such insurance brokers usually get paid commission for the introduction of any new business to an insurance company.

Unfortunately professional negligence claims against insurance brokers are quite common.

Proving Insurance Broker Negligence

To succeed in any professional negligence claim against insurance brokers, you will need to prove;

  1. there was a duty of care owed by your insurance broker to you. The good news here is that the usual relationship between clients and insurance broker should be enough for such a duty of care to be established  AND
  2. your insurance broker acted negligently i.e. their behavior was below the reasonable level of skill or care which you expect a competent professional insurance broker to provide AND
  3. That you suffered some financial loss as a direct result of the broker’s negligent behavior.

Common types of Insurance Broker Negligence

  • Failure to put insurance cover in place.
  • Arranging insurance – but not the terms of cover required by the client
  • Not keeping the client fully aware as to the existence or non existence of a valid policy or details of the terms of that policy
  • Failing to arrange insurance reasonably quickly
  • Misrepresenting the clients position to the insurance company
  • Failure to disclose all relevant facts to the insurance company
  • Mis-selling insurance policies [ e.g. payment protection insurance]
  • Not providing the right professional advice

How we can help

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